A New Blueprint for the Future of Housing


The Turning of the Wheel

You're designing for the future, but do you know what the future holds?

The New American Dream

There’s a growing trend that homes designed for the nuclear family are becoming less practical. It’s time to take the "sandwich generation" into account.

The Sandwich Generation: Who Needs What?

The boundaries and rules are going to be set differently as well. Elderly parents may have mobility issues and may also need more peace and quiet than offered by young couples with children. How do you divide up a home? If you go with the modular configuration that some designers are opting for, then the idea is that as the needs of the family shift, the house can be reconfigured with minimal construction required. Aging parents move in, so you create a shared space with separate entry points and enough division to allow them to live their own lives. Your teenager moves out, so you reclaim that space until he moves back home prior to landing his first job after finishing college. The dividing lines ebb and flow as the family dynamic shifts.

The "sandwich generation" is the new challenge for architects and CAD/BIM designers.

Flexible Homes

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Shifting Spaces for Shifting Family Units

The other factor which is going to be of prime importance is to make sure that every part of the house makes the best use of the space available. No one wants to be cramped or feel that their needs have been ignored. Mosaic Design has been looking at the design experience from the ground up. It starts with things as simple as toilet paper holders doubling as grab handles for stability. Mobility enhancing features can help both the young and the old. Rooms are treated in the same way, where the patterns of usage from the younger to the older generations in the house are used to determine what function the room is performing. A play area may become a communal area. A bedroom may become an office when the work day starts.

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