A Question for CAD Users: Hello, Weekend? Or Goodbye, Weekend?


Mike wasn’t an overachiever at all. He was simply exhausted and overwhelmed by his job.

Before you know it, the kids are grown and gone. Protect your weekends and family time.

As a MicroStation®, Revit® or AutoCAD® user, you have a lot of spreadsheets, Word documents and PDFs that need to be imported into a CAD file. On your very first attempt at importing, you notice that the cells are off, the numbers are misplaced and the formatting is incorrect. And this is just the first of the roughly 450 CAD files in this project. You start to lose hope and expect the inevitable: No long weekend for you. In fact, no weekend at all!

Weekend means family time and me time.

Don’t make the family do the holidays on their own. Use a productivity tool to help get you out of the office on time.