AI Gives Voice to the Iceman

Come and explore with us the correlation between AI, the CAD guy and Top Gun.


If you’re a fan of the original Top Gun movie, then like us, you were probably looking forward to this year’s release of Top Gun: Maverick. Assembling two key members of the original cast after almost 40 years had us taking bets at the office on whether the new movie would be a success, or whether it should have been named Top Gun: Shady Pines.

“It isn’t a frog in my throat. More like a buffalo.” — Val Kilmer

One key concern on this project was Val Kilmer’s ability to reprise his 1986 role as Iceman since a battle with throat cancer had left him without a voice. But AI ingeniously came to the rescue and gave voice to the Iceman.

When Teamwork Truly Makes the Dream Work

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Who’s going to design a beautiful future when they’re in an ugly mood?

Putting the Dreamwork back in Your CAD Work

Once on-screen rivals, but real-life friends, Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer star in Top Gun: Maverick.

If You Feel the Need . . .

If you feel the need, the need for speed, then Axiom tools have got you covered.