Import Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into MicroStation or AutoCAD with perfect formatting.

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Gain Control Over Document and Spreadsheet Importing

You’ve been there — a project deadline is looming and you’ve got to import enormous spreadsheets with material information and specs into your CAD drawing. You import the first spreadsheet. It imports strangely. The cells are off, the numbers misplaced and they don’t follow any set standard. The clock continues to tick, tick, tick.

Tired of burning daylight importing spreadsheets and Word docs and trying to get them to look good?

Let the sun shine

Microsoft Office Importer saves you lots of time by automatically managing the hundred little things that must go right.


3 Common Problems
1 Solution for Them All

  1. Trying to import huge Excel spreadsheets or Word documents into MicroStation or AutoCAD?
  1. Need to keep that imported data linked (and synced) to the Excel or Word source file?
  1. Importing so much data that you need to cut it up to fit inside your CAD border? Would you rather do this in one simple step?

Solution: Microsoft Office Importer.

Note: Separate versions are available for MicroStation and for AutoCAD.

How is Microsoft Office Importer Going to Help You?

Figure 1. By default, MicroStation only shows you the filename of the opened file. Often, just having the filename isn't a lot of help.
  • Easily and quickly import Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into your DGN files (MicroStation) or DWG files (AutoCAD) in one simple step. This includes schedules, bills of material, general notes and more!
  • Effortlessly spread large amounts of data into multiple columns while importing it into MicroStation or AutoCAD. The amount of time saved here can be staggering!
  • Enjoy total control over your CAD standards when importing from Excel spreadsheets and Word documents — including level/layer, color, weight, style, text size, font and more.
  • Have no worries about how to keep your Excel and Word data synchronized inside MicroStation or AutoCAD. Microsoft Office Importer automatically links Excel and Word files to your DGN or DWG files when you do an import.
  • Have your MicroStation and AutoCAD files stay automatically updated with changes made in your linked Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. No more double work!
  • Enjoy having perfect formatting in MicroStation or AutoCAD with no effort on your part.
No credit card required

The Impact of Microsoft Office Importer

Microsoft Office Importer saves you valuable time by automatically managing the hundred little things that have to go right.

Microsoft Office Importer eliminates double-work. No more manual data entry and formatting of information that’s already in Excel or Word files.

Microsoft Office Importer leaves you in control. You don’t have to sacrifice your standards to achieve fast, top-quality results in record time. Finally get the recognition you deserve.


What About Header Rows in Your Excel Paste?


Often, Excel data such as summaries, schedules, bills of material and the like have header rows at the top. Without Microsoft Office Importer, you would have to paste the header rows separately into your design file for each column except the first column. This is inefficient, not to mention annoying and prone to errors. Microsoft Office Importer makes the creation of these additional header rows automatic as well!

Okay, But What About Really Huge Excel or Word Pastes?

If you’ve ever tried to get a tall Excel or Word paste into a short space, you know the trouble. In fact, in talking with some new customers, we found that one of the tasks that was taking the longest was trying to make tall pastes fit inside their DGN or DWG borders.

These CAD users would manually split up tall data into multiple pastes. Trying to do this is both time-consuming and frustrating. Simply changing text size is almost never an option as the text must be readable in the plot and almost always must follow a CAD standard that dictates the text size.

Fortunately, for Microsoft Office Importer owners, this isn’t an issue.

Microsoft Office Importer has a feature called “split paste into columns”. Now, when you go to put a tall paste into your MicroStation or AutoCAD file, Microsoft Office Importer automatically and intelligently splits your paste into multiple columns so that it fits nicely into the allotted space.

Don’t confuse these columns in the design file with Excel’s columns — the paste that Microsoft Office Importer is splitting into multiple columns can contain as many Excel columns and rows as you like.

In effect, your tall paste flows naturally from one column in your design file to the next column (from left to right).

The result is your paste starts where you choose and automatically creates one or more “columns” for you.

Save More Time in All You Do

In addition to handling spreadsheet and document pastes into MicroStation, AutoCAD and Civil 3D, Axiom has software that can make every aspect of your CAD work easier. Title Block Manager  helps you to automatically manage and update hundreds of title blocks in minutes.

Translation Manager  is a go-to tool for engineers who need to get translations between MicroStation and AutoCAD done right the first time. For a look at all our applications, check what we have available for MicroStation as well as AutoCAD.



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