CAD for the Hole in One


That old saw about the bad workman blaming his tools only occurred to Bryson De Chambeau after he had already trashed Cobra Golf, the company that designed his driver, at the Open Championship.

Cobra's 3D-printed King Grandsport-35 putter.

How better to drive down the handicap of your customers than to drive down your own handicap and get a real feel for how the club swings? How close to the hole can you get your ball? No one wants to be playing from the rough or constantly doomed to time in the sand trap.

What's your center of gravity? Adjust the club to tailor it better. Left-handed or right- handed? Your club's design can be made for your handedness. Some golf club manufacturers are putting all these options online for you to make custom clubs; others have you come in for the personal touch and then use any number of patented methods to 3D-print your golf club.

Imagine CAD specialists gathered behind the caddy and the golf professional, lending their engineering insight to the power and accuracy of the swing.

With the right productivity tool at work, you could be out of there and teeing off before you know it.