CAD Standards Compliance Headaches?


The answer to this problem is simple and effortless: RuleManager™ and SpecChecker™.

With RuleManager, a tool included for free with every copy of SpecChecker, you can create a very effective set of CAD standard rules in minutes from either existing files that you know meet the standard or from one or more DGN libraries that are supplied for most MicroStation® V8, V8i or CONNECT projects where CAD standards must be followed.

SpecChecker uses the rules you create with RuleManager to make sure your design files meet your CAD standards. The rules are stored in text files, which are easy to edit and change whenever the standards change.

Using SpecChecker is Fast and Easy

You can interactively check a single file you are actively working on, by using SpecChecker to zoom in on each non-standard element and correct the off-standard element by using any MicroStation tool or the optional corrections defined in your SpecChecker rules.

If your job is to ensure that a submitted batch of drawings follow CAD standards, using SpecChecker you would be able to generate a comprehensive report for all the files in a batch process. You could then have the contractor or drafter correct their own mistakes, using SpecChecker in interactive mode.

Generating a report is also useful if you are the CAD manager. You would probably want to spot-check groups of project files to ensure your team is following the CAD standards as they create each new component of the project. Then you could have the errors automatically corrected using SpecChecker, or you could send the errant files back to the design team and make them do the correction.

Fast Pain Relief for Last Minute Changes