DGN to DWG Conversion or Vice Versa? Forget the Grind — Watch the Webinar!

Converting DGN and DWG files webinar with Lynn Allen


Ever struggled with converting a DGN file to a DWG, or vice versa? You’re not alone. Whether it’s output files with incorrect fonts, problematic line styles, or lost layers, converting files can be a nightmare. But what if there was a solution to all these common conversion hurdles?

Watch our recorded webinar to discover the game-changing benefits of Translation Manager, and learn how it can transform your conversion process.

Why This Webinar Is a Must-Watch:

  • Learn how to convert DGN to DWG (and DWG to DGN) effortlessly and with precision.
  • Uncover the common reasons why DGN to DWG conversions fail and how to avoid them.
  • Understand how Translation Manager, designed for both MicroStation V8 and CONNECT (V10), streamlines and optimizes your conversion process.
  • Get a sneak peek into how Translation Manager handles complex problems that built-in translators can’t resolve.

Intriguing Insights Await: How to Convert DGN to DWG (and Vice Versa) with Translation Manager

Using Translation Manager, you can escape the project-stalling hassle of messy conversions between MicroStation® and AutoCAD®. Learn how to get your translations right the first time and simplify batch conversions of hundreds or thousands of files from DGN to DWG.

See how Translation Manager impresses with perfect translations that meet all required CAD standards, and saves companies hundreds or even thousands of man-hours spent on correcting or redrawing files.

Uncover how Translation Manager’s pre-processing tools isolate crucial information for successful translations, and post-processing tools make changes that basic translators from Autodesk and Bentley can’t.

Experience the Transformation: Convert Between DGN and DWG with Ease

Discover how Translation Manager saves all your translation settings in one place, evaluates your CAD files prior to conversion, and guides you through configuring the process for top-quality translation. Even if you’re not a translation expert, with Translation Manager, you can be a translation superhero.

Join the Journey: See Translation Manager in Action

Discover the ease of the translation process with Translation Manager: from saving your project settings with a single click to putting the finishing touches on your now-translated CAD files.

Ready to revolutionize your CAD conversion process? Watch the webinar recording and uncover the power of Translation Manager. Why struggle with conversions when there’s a tool specifically designed to do them for you?

Remember, the secrets to effortlessly converting DGN to DWG are just a webinar away. Take the first step towards a hassle-free conversion journey today.