Create your own MicroStation pull-down menu


Clearwater, Florida, USA — The default installation of MicroStation has nine pull-down menus containing way over 100 menu items. That's not counting a couple dozen submenus on these same menus that contain another 100-plus menu items. Clearly MicroStation has no shortage of available options. And every one of them is necessary in order to accommodate the many and varying ways that companies use MicroStation.

But the reality of a CAD drafter is often one of simple repetition. On any given project or part of a project, it is quite common that you'll only use a few key menu items. Creating your own pull-down menu allows you to put all of those key items in one place for convenient access.

How to create your own MicroStation pull-down menu

    1. Load MicroStation and open any design file.
    2. Go to Workspace|Customize.
    1. From "Customize" dialog box, select the "Menu Bar" tab.
    2. The right-hand window lists all of the current MicroStation pull-down windows. You need to highlight the window that you want your new pull-down window to be placed next to. Your menu will be added directly above the menu that you have highlighted. For example if you want your menu to be between the "File" and "Edit" menus, then highlight the "Edit" menu. Press the <Insert> button to load the "Insert Menu" dialog box.
    1. From the "Insert Menu" dialog box, enter your menu name of choice in the "Label:" field and press <OK> to return to the "Customize" dialog box.
    2. You'll now see the menu that you named and inserted and that menu is ready to be populated with the features of your choice. Double-click on it and you will see an "Empty Menu Item" waiting to be modified. Highlight the "Empty Menu Item" and press the <Modify…> button.
    1. In the "Label:" field, enter what best describes the first option you will be adding to your custom pull-down menu. You have the option to add a standard MicroStation key-in to run. You can create a SubMenu to branch off of your custom menu. You can even load a MicroStation tool box. Make your selection and press <OK> to return to the "Customize" dialog box.
    2. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 to add more menu items.
    3. Press <Save> on the "Customize" dialog box to have your customized menu added to the available MicroStation pull-down menus.

Now admire your creation and consider that you can mold it into whatever you want.