Create your own MicroStation tool box


Clearwater, Florida, USA — MicroStation is jam-packed with button-laden tool boxes. Every one of those buttons performs some exact, necessary function. It couldn't be any other way. The ability to do all of these functions is part of what makes MicroStation one of the greatest pieces of CAD software in the world.

It is common when working on a project, to only need to use a few specific button functions. You might find though, that each button is located on an entirely different tool box. Now, wouldn't it be nice to have your own tool box that contains all of the functions you need?

How to create your own MicroStation tool box.

    1. Load MicroStation and open any design file.
    2. Go to Workspace|Customize.
    3. From the "Customize" dialog box, make sure the "Tool Boxes" tab is selected. It should be by default.
    4. The "Tool Boxes" tab is broken into two parts. The left side, labeled "Available Tools From", lists all of the available tool boxes in MicroStation along with each button function in each tool box. Just for fun, scroll down in this list. I bet you didn't realize there were that many. The right side, labeled "Edit Tool Box", has a drop-down menu that displays all of the currently available MicroStation tool boxes. Select the drop-down menu and choose the very top option "Create Tool Box…"
    1. Name your tool box whatever you want and press <OK> to accept.
    2. Now you need to populate your tool box with the functions of your choice. Let's say you want the "Place Line" button in your tool box. Scroll down to "Linear Elements".

"Available Tools From" list. Double-click on "Linear Elements". Highlight the "Place Line" function and press the <Copy> button. Do this for each function you want added to your tool box.

  1. Once you are satisfied with the functions you've added to your tool box, press <Save>. Your custom tool box isn't just for one MicroStation session. It is saved just like every other MicroStation tool box and can be loaded or unloaded as such. Customize away!