Creating Cell Libraries from Block Libraries

block library

These days, it is totally normal to find AutoCAD shops designing for MicroStation clients and MicroStation shops designing for AutoCAD clients. You do all the work in one CAD application and then convert the finished product to the other platform. We have a lot of customers who are doing this sort of thing. So the question, “how do I convert my block libraries to cell libraries?” has come up quite a few times.

Here is how to create a MicroStation cell library from an AutoCAD block library:
1. Load MicroStation V8 and open the AutoCAD block library.

2. Go to Utilities | Key-in, to load the Key-in

block library

3. The command to use in the Key-in browser is “EXPORT CELLS SHARED” followed by the full path and name of the cell library that you want to create.

For example, enter:
EXPORT CELLS SHARED C:\MyCellLibraries\BlockCellLibrary.cel
(where you would want to create a cell library named “BlockCellLibrary.cel” in the location “C:\MyCellLibraries\”).
That’s all there is to it! Now you can attach the new cell library and place cells until your heart’s content.

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