Cross-Promotion Opportunty

Hello and Welcome! We’re happy that you received — and read — our letter containing the QR code that brought you here. Thanks for responding to our invitation!

We’re excited at the possibility of working together on a cross-promotion campaign. Please fill out the form below so that I can reach out to you directly to discuss a mutually beneficial adventure!

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A "Keep It Simple" Strategy

  • We typically get a good response rate to our email campaigns, so we’d like to send out a mass email promoting your product to our customers. In exchange, you could do the same for us.
  • We can even do the bulk of the work so that there’s no hassle or extra work for you. Simply supply us with the information you’d like us to send out and we can put together an email on your behalf. If you approve it, we’ll send it out. If not, we can re-craft it until you’re happy. Then we can write an email about our product for you to send out to your customers.
  • We could do the same thing with social media posts — we’ll promote you on our social media accounts and you can promote us on yours.
  • We could possibly place a banner ad for your product on our website if you’d be interested in doing the same.

To find out more about us, visit us at

We look forward to working together on an innovative project that benefits us both!