Don’t Lose a Single Beat when Last-Minute Changes Threaten Your Project Deadlines

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Keep your CAD department singing — on your schedule!

Last-minute changes, particularly when CAD projects are approaching a submittal deadline, are something every CAD design department has to contend with. Here's a typical, but simple example of what can happen: You have 150 design files in your project. You find out that several levels you've been using throughout the project are not going to be accepted by the customer and you need to move every element on those levels to a different level. You also discover that the font used for all the text, tags and dimensions has to be changed from the standard MicroStation "Working" font to the more AutoCAD-compatible "Arial" font. If you have to fix all this manually, how many man-hours do you think it will take? How prone to errors will this manual process be? How big a problem is this with a tight deadline? And finally, and maybe most importantly, how are you going to explain canceling your weekend plans to your husband, wife or kids?

With Global File Changer's custom commands you can solve both types of changes on all 150 design files in under an hour from start to finish — get a hero's welcome from your boss — and get home on time (might even save your marriage).

CAD projects are constantly changing. With Global File Changer , you don't have to sing Bob Dylan's lament to this fact. You can keep everything on your schedule by making those changes in minutes, not days or weeks.

When changes occur with Global File Changer in your toolkit, you don't have to miss a beat. Global File Changer has a fast growing list of custom commands that can do all of the following in hundreds of design files in batch:

  1. Globally modify text attributes, like font, text styles, height and width.
  2. Easily move elements from their current level to any new level you wish. This feature will also process components of cells and shared cells.
  3. Replace any set of cells with any new set of cells.
  4. Rescale any cell or cells by any factor from their current scale or to a specific scale value.
  5. Do any number of text search and replace combinations, on any number of files, using wildcards or the more powerful regular expression string manipulation system.
  6. Change text justification, while retaining the text element's original position, so a change from left/bottom to center/center can be made with the text displaying in exactly the same position.
  7. Rescale text by a specific factor in height or width. Great for handling font changes that alter the display and plot width of text elements.
  8. Change the case of all text or any selected text. For example you can force all text to upper case.
  9. Do search and replace on tag values.
  10. Convert numeric values found in text elements representing length, distance and volume from English to metric, metric to English or apply a custom conversion formula.
  11. Report design file setting violations based on the settings from a donor file within any set of design files. This includes settings like global origin, color table, working units, working resolution, active symbology, and coordinate readout.
  12. Change any or all design file settings that you want throughout a whole set of design files. This includes copying view attributes that are set up the way you want them in a donor file.
  13. Count all your cells, or any particular cell you want, in each design file or get the total count of each cell for the entire batch of design files processed.
  14. Flatten any set of 3D files. If you use 3D models, but need everything at the same Z coordinate, this feature will save you tons of time.
  15. Move all elements in a 3D file to a specified "Z" value or by a specified Z offset from their current location.

Global File Changer has been keeping the knowledgeable CAD Manager on or ahead of schedule for over two decades and it can do the same for you too.

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