Easily trim elements using the Trim Element tool.

By Bob Knepp of American Electric Power, Gahanna, Ohio
Do you have new users that don't really get the IntelliTrim tool yet? Here is an easy way to trim several elements very quickly using the MicroStation Trim Element command along with the PowerSelector tool. [Note: You can also use the regular Element Selection tool to select multiple elements. Just hold down the <Ctrl> key while you select your elements.]

    1. First, pick the PowerSelector tool and select the elements you want to trim.

Select the elements using your favorite selection tool. For this tip, we will be using PowerSelector.

Select all elements you want to be able to trim.

    1. Next, click on the Trim Elements tool.

After you select the elements you want to trim, select the Trim Elements tool from the "Modify" toolbar.

You will notice that once you select the Trim Elements tool, the selected elements will no longer be "highlighted." Don't worry, that's okay!

    1. Next, click on the portion of the element you want to trim.

The "X"s correspond to the areas I want to trim. Notice how the elements trim in the graphic on the right. Try this a few times to get the hang of it.

Once you are done, you do not have to deselect the elements. They are automatically dropped from the selection set. That's it!

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