Extraordinary DIY: When Engineers Think Big


The middle-aged (to be polite) copywriter in question recently undertook two DIY projects, because frankly, she dementedly thinks she’s invincible. Not only is she lovingly restoring the vintage 1950’s desk she works at, but for some utterly inexplicable reason, she also decided, at the same time, to replaster her bathroom to capture a hint of Marrakesh in the color and texture on the walls. There’s nothing shameful about either of those projects until you discover that the above-mentioned engineer is also a fan of DIY projects. And what project did he choose? He built a freaking helicopter. Not a model helicopter, mind you. Not a built-to-scale helicopter. Not a remote-controlled helicopter. Nope, he built a genuine, bona fide, fully-functional-and-capable-of-flight chopper. No contest, game over. Oh, man, can you hear the copywriter’s strangled sigh of defeat?

Adam Weaver, engineer and DIY enthusiast.

Discovering an Unexpected Passion

What project did he choose? He built a freaking helicopter.

Don’t Bother Asking Google

Orville Neilsingh and Adam Weaver discuss the mounting of the helicopter blades.

I can’t fully describe the feeling of what it was like when my helicopter lifted off the ground for the very first time.

Up, Up and Away

Almost a decade in the making: Adam Weaver’s completed Rotorway JetExec helicopter.

A near-ground hover makes both the pilot and the engine work harder than during any other part of a flight.

Overtime versus Leisure Time

What if, like Adam Weaver, you want the freedom to fly? Or swim? Or ski? Or nap? For that, you need productivity tools that overcome those platform quirks.

Time for Freedom