What Is a Scale Bar and How Do You Insert It Into a CAD Drawing?


What is a scale bar? It is a full-scale representation of the actual size. It will scale up or down proportionally to whatever size image you create. Scale bars can be added as a cell, a reference file or directly created in the design file.

Since a scale bar reflects what a specific distance is within the JPEG image, a viewer can use a ruler and measure the size represented by the scale bar and interpret other measurements based on that random value. This would be used no matter what scale the jpeg image is printed at.

Also, since MicroStation® printing supports “Print Scale and Position” as one of your options, you can scale the image to create a JPEG that, when sent to a printer, can reflect a true measurement, for example, where one inch on paper equals one foot in the image.

When size matters, use a scale bar.

Measure Up With MicroStation®

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