How To Be a Heavy-Lifting CAD Hero, Without Breaking a Sweat


How do you go from hating certain repetitive CAD/BIM tasks to being a heavy-lifting hero who never breaks a sweat? Your answer may lie within the story of a man who saved the US military tens of millions of dollars, simply by having a “bring-it-on” attitude.

Get the Job Done

Jarnot knew that the only way they were ever going to bring that deserted Chinook home was by locating a Halo Heavycopter they could borrow.

The problem? One of Chuck’s jobs was to retrieve two damaged Special Forces 47E Chinook helicopters that were stranded on the mountainside in eastern Afghanistan at 8,500 and 10,300 feet respectively. The most obvious solution was to airlift the choppers off the mountainside and fly them to Kabul for repairs.

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Lt. Col. (Ret.) Chuck Jarnot saved the US Army millions of dollars by figuring out how to get the heavy lifting done.

Compared to the $22 million price tag of a Chinook back in 2002, a recovery fee of $300,000 was a pittance.

Heavy Lifting Headaches for CAD/BIM Users, and How to Prevent Them

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Chinook 476 displays the damage that crippled the helicopter.