How to Rapidly Update Title Blocks in AutoCAD


The project is ready to go to the client. You’ve nailed the deadline, and you feel like the AutoCAD® king. And then Chris semi-casually tells you there are two new sheets that need to be added before it goes to the client. Any hope you had of joining the family for dinner this evening evaporates. The project is already 367 sheets long. The two new additions are sheets 12 and 49. The title block on every sheet from sheet 13 onwards is going to have to be updated. Manually. One at a time.

The client just completed a merger and the company name in every title block has to be changed.

“I guess the good news is that they’re going ahead with the project, eh?” and he pats you on the shoulder and leaves for the day.

Good news? Multiple changes to 367 sheets? At this time of day on a Friday? Since you’re the last guy in the office, nobody’s there to see the impressive jets of steam emitting from your ears or hear the long line of colorful NSFW expletives you let rip.

Who in their right mind wants to work late on a Friday, simply to update blasted title blocks in AutoCAD? Everyone else has already left the office to kickstart their weekend, but there you are — stuck with this tedious task.

The Importance of Title Blocks

Updating title blocks doesn’t have to feel like this.

Level the Title Block Playing Field

Never again get stuck at the office doing repetitive BS.

Automatically update title blocks in AutoCAD like a boss!