Import PDFs into Revit: How Much Is Enough?

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As a Revit® professional, if you still import PDFs one page at a time, we need to talk.

Sure, there are certain things in life that are better one at a time — like spouses, speeding tickets, IRS audits, or the number of attitude-fueled teenagers living under your roof.

If you still import PDFs to Revit, one page at a time, we need to talk.

If you’ve ever had to work late or over a weekend simply because you were forced to spend hours importing PDF documents into Revit, one page at a time, you can probably relate. Sometimes, one at a time absolutely stinks.

How to Avoid the PDF Pity Party

If you work late and miss date-night, you know where you’ll be . . .

Who wants to eat one grain of rice at a time?

PDF Imports? Bring It On!

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Would you rather be stuck at the office, importing PDFs one page at a time? We think not.