Have Your Messed-up MicroStation Files Fixed Automatically


Problems that cause MicroStation® to crash or prevent design files from opening can lead to late nights and working on the weekends. Missing elements or elements that are difficult to select (or move, or copy, or delete), plotting problems, Fit View problems and similar issues in V8i or CONNECT can all cause delays that spouses and children hate almost as much as project managers, engineers and drafters do.

. . . design file corruption … can delay your projects and keep you at your computer longer than you or your family want.

The Warning Symptoms

Is there a late night or short weekend in your future? The following is a partial list of the many symptoms that indicate you have design file corruption that can delay your projects and keep you at your computer longer than you or your family want.

  • You have design files that you just cannot open.
  • You find elements that are difficult to select or delete.
  • You do a “fit all” command in a design file and the whole drawing becomes a small dot somewhere on the screen and you can’t figure out why.
  • You discover that some elements have mysteriously disappeared.
  • Whole models vanish from a design file or cell library.
  • You have design files that behave oddly when you zoom in or zoom out.
  • You discover levels that seemed to just vanish from Level Manager.
  • You have trouble plotting or translating certain design files in a project.
Why work late if you don’t have to?

All these symptoms get in the way of project completion and drain profits.

They always add time and cost to your projects.

The symptoms occur when the data stored within the design file becomes corrupt.

Corruption can occur for many different reasons including hardware faults, network glitches or software oversights and even human errors.

However they occur, the result is the same: project delays and overtime.

But There’s Hope

FileFixer advances every year with powerful improvements and new features that are designed to fix corruption or non-optimum conditions found in MicroStation design files.

FileFixer prevents the “symptoms” from becoming full-blown problems that can keep you away from home and is the tool of choice of CAD managers and CAD users alike to fix these issues and get home on time.

And Some Fun

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