Lighter Than Air: Not Your Average Blimp


In 2021, a 95-year-old woman was fatally injured by a falling tree branch while sitting peacefully on a bench outside her home in South Carolina. She had been a conservationist, philanthropist and noted world traveler. As a young girl, she and her mother had boarded an airship for a trans-Atlantic crossing from Europe back to the United States. That airship was destroyed upon landing. Anne Springs Close was the last living survivor of the Hindenburg.

The advances of modern design and technology, combined, have produced a safe multi-purpose craft like no other.

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane?

Anne Springs Close, the last survivor of the Hindenburg.

A New Breed of Blimp

The combination of heavy load lifting, lengthy hovering times, freedom from traditional airport infrastructure and low emissions are a powerful combination of selling points.

Bird in a Cage

The “flying bum.”

Anywhere the Wind Blows . . .

The 4 engines can be rotated upwards or downwards to facilitate take-off or landing.

Why Do the Heavy Lifting Yourself?

A whole new level of aircraft luxury is possible.