User’s Guide — Microsoft Office Importer for AutoCAD

Chapter 8 — New Features and Fixes

Version 5.5c — December 2015

Fix intermittent crashes.

Fix crash in customer’s Word doc. Bug 12571.

Version 5.5b — 11 November 2015

New: Added support for AutoCAD Plant 3D 2014 and 2016.

New: Added support for AutoCAD P&ID 2014 and 2016.

New: Confirmed support for Windows 10.

Version 5.5a — 21 August 2015

New: Added right-click context menu in list of links box.

Fixed: Pastes which were moved after being created could change position (coordinates) on update in certain cases.

Fixed: The linked Excel spreadsheet was being closed if user had it open during a Microsoft Office Importer update from it, but only if it was stored on the network. Microsoft Office Importer now leaves such spreadsheets open.

Fixed: Pastes could change color during update, inheriting color from another paste in the same DWG.

Fixed: The Microsoft Office Importer settings dialog would seem to disappear (actually, it would go to the background) on {Alt-Tab} when the ribbon was set to Minimize to Panel Tiles. This would make it appear that AutoCAD was locked up.

Improved: Made the list of links window resizable and we now save its position and size.

Improved: Swapped Formatting and Font tab positions in Text Settings category.

Improved: Uninstaller will now refuse to run if AutoCAD or Civil 3D are running.

Improved: List of links box now sorts pastes by the order in which they were pasted. Previously, it sorted them by the order in which they were last updated (newest at the bottom).

Changed: The Axiom ribbon tab will no longer be the default (active) tab when you open AutoCAD.

Version 5.4a — 30 June 2015

New: Certified for AutoCAD 2016.

New: Added the “List of Links” feature, allowing users to see and manage all pastes in their current model (model space or their active paper space layout).

New: If there is only one paste in the current model (model space or your active layout), you no longer need to choose it after pressing {Manage} or {Edit} buttons.

New: Added a splash screen for certain license types.

New: Prompt user on unload to save modified settings.

Improved: Previously, the automatic update check wouldn’t occur if the active DWG was opened with a double-click from Windows Explorer. It would only occur when opening a DWG through AutoCAD.

Improved: Manage box will now stay open after you press {Update} button.

Improved: Settings | Save settings on exit is now turned on by default.

Improved: Various user interface improvements.

Fixed: A problem where pastes and updates from Excel 2013 could be very slow.

Fixed: A rare case where some border lines would be excluded from the paste.

Version 5.3a — 5 November 2014

New: Added a new “Page width:” pasting option for pasting Word documents: “Define width while placing text.”

New: Added “Page width:” setting to the “Pasting” settings category.

Fixed: Fixed a case where "Split paste into columns.” would look disabled but actually be active. If you encounter this behavior with Microsoft Office Importer 5.3a or later, choose Settings | Restore factory defaults… to fix it.

Version 5.2b — 23 July 2014

Fixed: Fixed a problem where some first-time installations could cause AutoCAD to fail to start. The unhandled exception errors reported in this case were C0000417H and C0000005.

Fixed: When changing from a workspace with the ribbon disabled back to a workspace with the ribbon enabled, the Axiom ribbon tab would not appear.

Version 5.2a — 13 June 2014

New: Added support for AutoCAD 2015.

New: Added support for defining multiple text sizes, each with its own name. This is located in the Text | Size tab of the Settings box.

Version 5.1a — 27 February 2014

New: Added ability paste into paper space! Previous versions supported pasting into model space only.

New: Added a text size settings calculator to the Settings box (Text | Size | {Calculate…}).

New: Confirmed support for Civil 3D 2014.

Civil 3D Note: Earlier versions of Civil 3D (back to 2010) are expected to work as well but are not currently certified. If you need support for a version of Civil 3D before 2014, please let us know by emailing or calling 727-442-7774.

New: Updated to the standard Axiom Help | About box.

Fixed: {Cancel} in Settings box now cancels a “Restore Factory Defaults”.

Version 5.0b — 10 January 2014

Fixed: A problem was encountered in AutoCAD 2010 where elements unrelated to the paste would sometimes be temporarily locked.

Version 5.0a — 13 December 2013

Initial release for AutoCAD. Supports AutoCAD 2010 through 2014.

Microsoft Office Importer for AutoCAD benefits from seventeen years of constant refinement to its predecessor, Microsoft Office Importer for MicroStation, from which it is derived.