MicroStation File Corruption Adds Time and Extra Costs to Your Projects

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How to fix odd or unexpected behavior in your MicroStation files

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Figure 1. When MicroStation tables become corrupt, MicroStation can crash unexpectedly which can cost your company time and money. FileFixer helps keep your projects on track and under budget.

Clearwater, Florida, USA — When design files become crippled with display problems, crash or can’t be opened, you automatically start adding time and cost to your projects. Due to a variety of reasons that can’t be predicted or controlled by a CAD user, MicroStation V8, XM and V8i tables (such as level table, font table, line style name table, definition table, text style table, dimension style table, multi-line style table and filter table) can become corrupted.

Fortunately, FileFixer continues to grow every year with powerful new features that fix virtually every type of corruption that has been found in MicroStation design files.


FileFixer’s most recent enhancement allows users to replace — from a designated MicroStation seed file — any of the many tables that make up MicroStation design files (as shown in Figure 2). Corruption in MicroStation tables can cause display problems, files that can’t be opened or files that unload without warning until the corruption is resolved. In a few quick steps, FileFixer can resolve these issues and give you a healthy, working file with no display problems.

What Else Does FileFixer Solve?

Figure 2. With FileFixer, you can greatly reduce lost production by quickly and easily replacing any corrupted table in MicroStation with a good one from a donor file.

For more than two decades, FileFixer has been the tool of choice by CAD managers and CAD users alike to fix these issues.


FileFixer also gives you the exact technical data you need in order to understand what’s wrong with your MicroStation V8, XM and V8i files and can automatically fix them fast!

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