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Relieving the Pain of CAD Standards Complexity

Ever had designers get up in arms (or at least complain a lot) because the CAD standards for a project are too complex, cumbersome or time-consuming to implement?

For example, the standards include several hundred separate listings for level, color, style and weight for every type of feature the client added. The time lost in looking these standards up, manually setting the symbology and then drafting takes a heavy toll on production (and possibly your weekends). This is where SpecManager™ can step in and save a project.

SpecManager automatically sets the active symbology needed to place elements in compliance with your CAD standard.


How is SpecManager Going to Help You?


SpecManager will:

  • Select and place features (physical components like a specific type of door, a masonry wall or a two-lane road) from a pre-configured list of features that already meet the necessary CAD standards.
  • Place design features on the correct levels with the correct symbology and other attributes — automatically.
  • Accept a simple text file of your CAD standards.
  • Stay active during the design process to ensure that you’ll always have the correct standards.

SpecManager and You

SpecManager doesn’t just correct MicroStation elements that violate CAD standards. Rather, SpecManager automatically places features (walls, doors, roads, fillets, whatever you set up) that already meet the required standards in the first place.

No credit card required

SpecManager is Non-Intrusive and Always Active

SpecManager helps MicroStation users place design features on the correct levels and with the correct symbology and other attributes. Simply select the name of the feature from the SpecManager dialog box and the MicroStation tools and attributes (like level, color, weight and style) are automatically set to the CAD standard for that feature.

CAD standards are easily defined using a simple text file.

SpecManager is installed on every workstation that uses MicroStation for design purposes. Though non-intrusive, SpecManager is always active when designing — making your work life much easier.

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