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Project Description

  • Avoid the mind-numbing hassle of messy translations between MicroStation and AutoCAD.
  • Stop the insanity of recreating your drawings because it’s faster than cleaning up your attempted translations.
  • Simplify the process of translating files between DGN and DWG and perform these translations in batch on hundreds or thousands of files.
  • Impress your boss and clients with perfect translations that meet all required CAD standards.

Our Customers Agree!

Translation Manager and You

Translating files using MicroStation’s or AutoCAD’s built-in translator alone often creates messy files requiring someone to spend hours fixing each file after the translation. In some cases, it’s faster to recreate CAD files from scratch, rather than trying to correct translated design or drawing files. Some of the more common types of problems with translated files include fonts that don’t map correctly, problems with element or entity symbology (such as incorrect style, weight or color), incorrect units (DWG units or MicroStation working units), symbols (such as degree symbols) that come out wrong, lost levels (when translating from MicroStation) and lost layers (when translating from AutoCAD).

Translation Manager, a highly-anticipated software program for both MicroStation and AutoCAD users who do translations between DWG and DGN files, helps make translations considerably easier and results in translations that are right the first time, saving companies hundreds or even thousands of man-hours correcting translated files. Translation Manager handles the complex translation problems that built-in translators cannot handle by themselves. Plus, it does all this on up to thousands of files at a time.