Profits Soar with Correct Software for AEC Industry Project


A jaw-dropping million-dollar savings on just one project?

A great productivity tool in the hands of great CAD users can produce truly astonishing results. Time is money, which means that timesaving on any project is always desirable, and we all understand that the bottom line is, well, the bottom line.

KBR, headquartered in Houston, Texas, uses productivity tools to maximum benefit.

When a customer shares with us the success they’ve had using one of our productivity tools, it seems only fair to pass that information on in case you’re in a similar situation and their story resonates with you. When that customer actually references the amount of time and money that was saved, it’s doubly compelling. Such was the success shared by KBR, a Houston, Texas company that provides comprehensive science, technology, and engineering solutions for a wide range of markets, from aerospace and defense to industrial, intelligence and beyond. Here’s what their contract work information manager had to say:

A jaw-dropping million-dollar savings on just one project? MicroStation Acceleration Garage is a suite of ten custom-designed tools to speed you through some of the time-consuming quirks that can arise in the MicroStation platform. Clearly, KBR’s efficiency and profitability skyrocketed when they employed it to save their company both time and money. What kind of tools does MicroStation Acceleration Garage contain? Here are a few examples that could help you save time and money:

Microsoft Office Importer

If you keep this tool a secret, people will think you’ve acquired superpowers.

Title Block Manager

We bet that the things you love most in life exist in a world beyond your office. A productivity tool can buy you more free time.



Is Time on Your Side?

Get out of the office and have more free time for the things you love.