Replace text strings with Global File Changer

text attributes

By Rick Sewell
Global File Changer is exactly what it sounds like. This thing can change just about anything in your design files and fast. It is my personal favorite Axiom product due to its amazing versatility.

While it is true that Global File Changer is incredibly multifaceted, the single most utilized feature by far is its ability to change text. Global File Changer allows you to change a number of text attributes such as font, justification and size to name a few. However, the most commonly desired text-changing feature, in my experience, is the ability to replace an existing text string with a new text string. For this reason, I wanted to write it down for all to use.

Replacing text with Global File Changer
For this example, let's say "Linkin Street" was misspelled as "Lincoln Street".

  • First, load Global File Changer from the Axiom pull-down menu.
  • From the Global File Changer main dialog box, choose Custom|Modify text… and then select the "Replace Text" tab.
  • In the field labeled "Search string", enter "Lincoln". In the field labeled "Replacement string", enter "Linkin".
  • Since Global File Changer has the ability to process more than one set of search and replace parameters, it is necessary to confirm what you have entered into the "Search string" and "Replace string" fields. Press the <Add> button to commit your entries to the list.
  • Choose File|Save As… to load the "Save Modify Text File" dialog box. Enter a name and then navigate to a convenient location to save your text change parameters. Then press <Save>.
  • Press the <OK> button to return to the main Global File Changer dialog box.
  • The "Key-in File:" field will automatically be filled in with the command needed to change your text, based on the parameter file you created. Ensure that the "Design Files:" field lists the files you intend to process and the "Report File:" field contains the path and file name for the report file you want created.
  • Press <Start>!