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Importing Word Documents into
Revit Can Be a Pain in the Backside

Do you need to import Word documents into Revit® ? When you get a document imported, is it merely a “snapshot” of the doc? Or are you forced to add a link that points to the source Word file, but you can’t import the actual document itself? Does it drive you nuts?

Do you wish you could import Word docs that are editable and searchable? Would you like to change the formatting or the font? How about the text size, bolding, or italics? Do you wish you could wrap your data into columns, move columns around in the sheet, or copy and paste them into different sheets and have them maintain their formatting? How about linking to the source data for automatic updates? It might sound like a dream, but it isn’t.

Imagine how much time you could save if you could easily import actual Word docs into your Revit projects with perfect formatting.

With Microsoft Office Importer for Revit, it’s fast, easy and you get the peace of mind of flawless formatting every time. It’s also perfect for imports of PDFs or Excel data too.


Microsoft Office Importer offers you
perfect formatting — automatically

For example, text size, bolding, italics, fonts, and other elements contained in your Word documents all import properly without requiring extra work to fix things inside Revit. Plus, instead of having to re-type text (which is more work for you and opens the door to errors) whenever you need to update the data in Revit, you have the option to have Microsoft Office Importer automatically update the imported data for you from the source file. Linked and synched, done. It’s a thing of beauty.

How To Have Perfectly Maintained Standards

Beyond easy imports with perfect formatting, Microsoft Office Importer gives you complete control over implementing your project standards. Font size, bolding, italics, fonts and so on are all controlled by you, while Microsoft Office Importer takes care of the hundreds of other details that can typically go wrong whenever you try to import data without it. Additionally, Microsoft Office Importer can maintain the correct text scale for you, using its precision text-size mapping.

Imports from Word will never again be a drag. Factor in the flawless formatting, plus your imported data being automatically linked to your source files, and it all adds up to one amazing tool: Microsoft Office Importer.


Eliminate frustration and save a ton of time.

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Import Excel Spreadsheets

Just as with Word documents, Microsoft Office Importer can easily import Excel spreadsheets with the same flawless formatting while you maintain control of your standards. It can automatically update your Revit files whenever your source data changes.

Import PDFs

Easy imports of PDFs guaranteed. Never import a PDF one page at a time ever again. Save yourself a ton of time.

Custom Programming

Need cost-effective personalization of Revit? Custom programming gives you the precise tools you need to address your BIM situation. Like Sinatra, you can say, “I did it my way.”