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Importing Stuff Into Revit Can Be a Pain in the Backside
(How To Avoid the Whole Time-stealing Mess)

Have you ever had to import a Word doc or an Excel spreadsheet into Revit and discovered what it’s like to burn hours painfully toiling on a formatting job?

Have you ever had to bring a multi-page PDF into Revit by pasting every single page separately? Was that like 10, 15, 20 pages — one stinking page at a time?

Haven’t You Got Better Things To Do?

Importing Word, Excel and PDF data into Revit — without the right tool — not only wastes your time but opens the door to errors. Even with hours of painstaking manual formatting, it’s a recipe for embarrassing mistakes or late submittals (or both).

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Your imports can be fast and have impressive formatting. How impressive? Formatting that is identical to the original docs.

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Microsoft Office Importer for Revit quickly and easily imports Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into your Revit project files in one simple step. This includes schedules, general notes, and whatever your heart desires or your client requires. You get great formatting with text and lines in a detail group, plus perfectly wrapped pastes that easily fit inside your borders.

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How to Save Time, Eliminate Repetitive Tasks and Cover Your …

Whether you are in AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) or any other industry, when it comes to importing data into Revit, you’re going to need some CYA (Cover Your “Backside”).

Manual reformatting opens the door to potential errors and your accuracy goes out the window (not to mention all the time it sucks out of your already overworked, underpaid work life).

Have you heard the old saying that when it comes to quantity, quality and speed, you can have one or two of these but never all three? While that may be true for most things in life, when it comes to imports into Revit, you can have all three at the same time. You just need a certain modern add-in to make that happen for you.

When It Comes to Your Revit Imports, You Want:

  • Quantity, quality and speed
  • Data accuracy
  • Perfect readability
  • Easy maintenance of project standards

Microsoft Office Importer for Revit gives you all of that and more.


Know what else it gives you?

  • Automatic updates to your imported data. Your imports can be linked and synced to your source files so that any changes made to the source data produce automatic updates to the imported data.
  • Quick and easy imports of PDFs. Got a huge PDF you need to import? Don’t want to have to bring it in one page at a time? With Microsoft Office Importer you won’t have to. Literally drop it into place and you’re done.

If you want peace of mind on every Word, Excel or PDF import to Revit you’ll ever do, Microsoft Office Importer is the only tool you’ll ever need.

Need Some PDF Magic Too?

Wish there was a better way to bring in those huge multi-page PDFs? There is. The three-minute video below shows how quick and easy this task can be with Microsoft Office Importer for Revit. Honestly, you can import a massive PDF in less time than it takes to watch the video, so check it out!


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Want to Know What Flawless Formatting Looks Like?


A spreadsheet in Excel


The same spreadsheet imported into Revit with Microsoft Office Importer


A document in Word


The same document imported into Revit with Microsoft Office Importer

Drawing a Blank on Word Imports?


Paste from a Word document using Revit only.
(Does it look like a blank screen? It is!)

We’d love to show you a screenshot of a Word doc imported with Revit, but that would be cheating, since the only way to bring a Word doc in is not by using Revit, but via a roundabout route using AutoCAD. In other words, a time-wasting detour that still requires hours of your time to fix the formatting. With Microsoft Office Importer, those days are over. Now you can quickly add beautifully formatted Word data to your Revit project and it's as easy as copy and paste.

The Benefits of Being Linked and Synced

No more worrying about how to keep the Excel and Word data inside your Revit file synchronized with changes to the same data outside of Revit. Microsoft Office Importer automatically links them when you do an import. Result? The time-saving and improved accuracy of automatic updates!


Initial Selection in Excel


Initial Selection Pasted into Revit


Updates Made to Spreadsheet in Excel


Automatically Updated in Revit

Don't Sacrifice Your Project Standards

When importing Word documents and Excel spreadsheets into Revit with beautiful formatting, Microsoft Office Importer lets you maintain control over your project standards (text size, fonts and more) for the imported data while it takes care of the hundreds of little details that can go wrong — but need to be right. It handles your formatting and linking for you and ensures the pasted information stays up to date in Revit — all while reducing annoying, repetitive steps.



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How Microsoft Office Importer Saved a Customer From
the Doghouse

How Microsoft Office Importer Saved a Customer From the Doghouse

Our CAD/BIM Consultant could tell that the guy on the phone (let’s call him Joe) was agitated. The situation? Joe had a massive project that was due to go to the client the following morning. The problem? It was after 5 p.m. and Joe had just discovered that none of the dozens of imported spreadsheets complied with the project’s CAD standards. Not one. And the clock was ticking. On top of it, he had an eight o’clock dinner reservation for his tenth wedding anniversary dinner.

Joe was desperate.

Rapidly switching to a video call, the CAD/BIM Consultant showed Joe how Microsoft Office Importer works. During the demo, Joe realized that Microsoft Office Importer was exactly what he needed to rapidly format all those spreadsheets to comply with the project’s CAD standards.


Seriously, other companies have tech support reps. Who else has Customer Co-conspirators?

Joe had thought he was going to have to pull an all-nighter to get it all fixed, which would mean severely disappointing the missus. But with Microsoft Office Importer, not only did Joe make the dinner on-time, he was able to pick up some flowers on the way!

By the end of their call, the CAD/BIM Consultant reported that Joe sounded like he was walking on sunshine. That’s the power of first-rate software coupled with world-class customer service.

Wish you were walking on sunshine?

Our Unparalleled Experience with Integrating PDFs, Excel, and Word Data into Revit

Want software renowned for its reliability? That’s simple. Spend almost 30 years refining your products based on insights from countless BIM professionals using your software successfully. That was our approach. And it still is.

Whether you’re importing data — such as schedules, general notes or any required information — into Revit from Word and Excel, or bringing PDFs in, ensuring a swift and seamless process is our goal, without compromising quality and accuracy.

Keeping your project files up to date — even when team members make changes to the original spreadsheets and documents without notifying you — is essential. Having swift, precise imports that remain linked to the source data for automatic updates demands software with no glitches or missing features.

You want rapid, effortless imports. You want flawless reliability. You want fully automated updates, coupled with the assurance that your Revit design files are current and flawless enough to withstand eagle-eyed scrutiny upon submission. And, of course, you want to retain control over the appearance of your data, without it becoming burdensome. Achieving this functional combination requires addressing myriad subtle and not-so-subtle factors.

Every day, we navigate challenges that could lead to missing data in your imports, wasted time, client dissatisfaction, and overall frustration with the import process. Issues can remain hidden until they unexpectedly surface — usually at the worst possible time. To prevent such setbacks, our world-class software engineers constantly work to strengthen our solutions.

The Advantages of Axiom:

  • A long legacy of continually enhancing technical details to address every conceivable situation.
  • A proven track record of understanding precisely what our Revit users require.
  • Tens of thousands of software-engineering hours invested in scrutinizing every conceivable Excel, Word and PDF import scenario.
  • Solutions to the multitude of import issues that can arise with Excel, Word, and Revit.
  • Time-saving, streamlined imports into Revit.
  • Automatic updates via linked PDFs, Excel and Word documents in Revit.
  • Imports multipage PDFs all at once.
  • Conveniently supports a variety of cloud storage systems.
  • Seamless integration, regardless of project size.
  • Customer support ensures you have the smoothest software experience ever.

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What Our Customers Say

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Red Carpet Customer Service

At Axiom, we don’t offer customer service. Our culture is to go way beyond that. You get a Customer Co-conspirator who will work with you to make sure that you squeeze every conceivable benefit from your purchase.

As a MicroStation, Revit or AutoCAD user, you deserve reliable, sincere service that assists you in getting the job done. And at Axiom, you’ll get much more than that.


Easy interface, and unmatched tech support.

Brian Hackett
GHT Limited

If you’ve ever wondered what “red carpet” tech support is like, this is your chance to experience it. Our level of service is unmatched in the software world. Seriously, other companies have tech support reps. Who else has Customer Co-conspirators?

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