Silence, Please! CAD/BIM Professional Trying to Work Here!


Clarity comes in the silences, in those moments when the rest of the world and its noise recedes, and you’re in the zone, styling, grooving, problem-solving, as you figure out that new tunnel beneath the waters of the bay, or the design of that new super-tanker harbor, or how to build a bridge that’ll be safe in the ice and snow in the new mountain pass. You’re a CAD/BIM professional and this is you at your finest.

The Problem

You became a CAD/BIM designer to design, for heaven’s sake, not to spend a huge portion of your working life stuck on mind-numbingly repetitive tasks associated with your platform of choice. Right?

So how do we achieve those silences? How do we get Ron, Kevin, and Jeff to shut the hell up long enough for your torrent of creative genius to make a difference to the world we live in? You’ve got two choices: either gag and restrain them (which might not go down well with HR) or get them some help.

The Solution

The joy of having CAD/BIM tools that do the work for you should not be underestimated.

Who’re You Going to Call?

Kick Rapunzel out and claim squatter’s rights to her tower.