The Hero’s Journey


The Call to Adventure

You may be silently calling me a Nerf herder under your breath, but bear with me. I shall demonstrate to you how you are heroic.

Refusal of the Call

If you’re having a rough day at the office, consider how bleak life for a moisture farmer must be.

Meeting the Mentor

Crossing the Threshold


Approaching the Innermost Cave

Is this your Dagobah moment? (That’s the swamp planet Yoda lives on, if you’ve been living like a hermit or Yoda, and haven’t seen Star Wars.) Or Edward Norton encountering his power animal in the ice cave in Fight Club? Maybe it’s that moment when you get into your “zone” and the repetitive tasks you are working on, through the endless repetition, are painful enough to give you an out-of-body experience.

The refusal of the hero’s call is quite often the initial reaction of the hero.


The first mention of the Kessell Run: Han Solo negotiates with Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker in A New Hope.


The Road Back


Master of Two Worlds

Returning to the ordinary world after the world of your quest (as the master of both) can be seen in any number of movies. You are Jennifer Connelly returning from the labyrinth ⎯ having defeated the Goblin King ⎯ with a new appreciation for her baby brother. You could be, and here’s an older movie reference for you, Alex Rogan returning to your family in the trailer park after flying The Last Starfighter with newly earned respect. You have fixed all the problems and you are the toast of the office.

Endlessly repetitive tasks can be painful enough to give you an out-of-body experience.

Our Role