The Impossible Dream: Riding the Wave with CAD & BIM


Imagine growing up in a picturesque town with a small population. You and your buddies have played Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty until you’re sick of them. When the weather is good, you hang out at the lake or down by the river, but there’s really not much else to do. You talk endlessly about The Dream: surfing. Sometimes, those conversations end with a sigh as you longingly gaze at the posters covering your bedroom walls: legends such as Kelly Slater and Bethany Hamilton, or the movies you can rerun with your eyes closed: Endless Summer, Point Break and the smoking-hot surfer girls of Blue Crush.

Ingenious CAD and BIM professionals decided to make the dreams of surf-deprived landlubbers come true.

He Who Dares To Dream

Surfing in the Austrian Alps!

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Surfing

It was a complex project, undertaken by an international multidisciplinary team of engineers, geologists, ecologists, steel construction specialists, river engineers and wave designers.

Ride the Wave to Success

The difference between the 3D model and the completed structure was less than a centimeter.