Tired of manually turning on or off level display in tens, hundreds or thousands of design files?

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Have you ever received a set of project files and found that all of the reference file levels you need to see have their display turned off? It's a pain to go through them all and manually turn on the appropriate levels. Luckily you don't have to. RefManager can handle this in a few or hundreds or even thousands of design files automatically!

Rick Sewell, MicroStation Customer Service

Rick Sewell, Axiom Director of Customer Services, has been helping CAD users with their MicroStation problems for over a decade.

Here's how to turn on or off level display in your design files automatically with RefManager: Start by opening one of the master files that has references attached. Make sure that the attached references actually contain the levels for which you want to turn on (or off) the level display.

    1. Load RefManager from the Axiom pull-down menu.
    2. In the main dialog box, set "Action:" to "Modify Reference File Attachments". This will automatically load the "Modify Reference File Attachments" dialog box.

Figure 1. RefManager's intuitive dialog box makes it easy to select the action you want to perform. For instance, “Modify Reference File Attachments” allows you to select a myriad of ways to modify your reference file attachments in batches of thousands of design files at a time.

    1. In the "Modify Reference File Attachments" dialog box (Figure 2), set the "Category" to "Level Display" and press the {Select…} button. This will bring up a list of levels to choose from in separate dialog box (not shown). Highlight the levels that you want to turn on or off and press {OK} to accept those levels.

Figure 2. From the “Level Display” dialog box, you can easily choose which levels to turn on or off.

    1. Remember, MicroStation handles level display independently for each view. So you'll need to choose which view or views to have the level display changed for. When finished, press {Close} to exit the above dialog box and return to RefManager's main dialog box.
    2. On the main dialog box, press the {Select…} button next to the "Master files" field to bring up the "Choose Files to Process" dialog box.
    3. On the "Choose Files to Process" dialog box (Figure 3), click the {Browse for Files} button. You can now navigate to and select as many files to process as you want. Remember, the files you are selecting to process are not the reference files themselves, but the master files containing the reference files that have the attributes you want to change. When you have selected all the master files you want to process, press {OK} to return to RefManager's main dialog box.
    4. Press {Start} on RefManager's main dialog box to process your files.

Figure 3. RefManager has an intuitive, easy-to-use dialog box for selecting which master design files to process.

Now you're the project hero!

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