10 Secrets for Better MicroStation–AutoCAD Translations

translated files

Which ones could you use?

Rick DeWitt, Axiom's senior product manager, has spent countless hours translating tens of thousands of files and recently released ten of his top secrets on how to reduce the mess when translating between MicroStation and AutoCAD.

Sure, both MicroStation and AutoCAD have the ability to read and write each others' files. And they work great if you just have simple files or don't care about the resulting mess that can occur.

The list of problems that come from translations is so long it almost defies belief. Just some of the common problems that people run into are that the translated files:

  • Have incorrect working units.
  • Don't meet the required CAD standards because the resolution isn't right.
  • Have the wrong dimension (3D when it should be 2D or vice versa).
  • Have elements that are the wrong size.
  • Have elements that are not at the right coordinate locations.

And the list goes on. Want to learn exactly how to prevent or handle these?

Better Translations Between MicroStation and AutoCAD Can Be Yours
I carved out some time and put together a series of videos that will help you uncover the secrets you need to know in order to improve your translations between MicroStation and AutoCAD (in both directions). Just go to Tips.AxiomInt.com and click on the "MicroStation–AutoCAD Translation Secrets" image to find ten secrets that should help improve the ease and accuracy of your translations.