User’s Guide – FileFixer for V8

Chapter 2 — Installation

Before you install

This chapter will walk you through a typical Axiom product installation. These instructions apply to both MicroStation V7 and V8. V7 products are used in the examples.

To install one or more Axiom products, you need:

  1. The latest Axiom product CD; and
  2. A license file on floppy disk for the product(s) you are about to install.
  3. Please shut down all MicroStation sessions on your computer before continuing.

Typical installation from CD

  1. Insert the Axiom product CD into your CD drive.
  2. The dialog box below should come up automatically. This may take a few moments depending on computer and CD drive speed.

CONDITIONAL: In some cases Windows® is set to suppress auto-running executables. If the installation process does not begin automatically when you insert the CD, you will need to start the process manually. From the Windows Start Menu, choose “Run…” and type in the following:


where “D” is your CD drive letter.

  1. Click the {OK} button and the first installation dialog box (below) will appear.

  1. Select MicroStation V7 or MicroStation V8 and click {Next}.
  2. Choose which type of installation you want to perform. The “Typical” installation is best for most situations and asks the user to make very few decisions.


  1. These instructions will describe only the “Typical” installation path. Choose “Typical” and click {Next}.
  2. Choose the license file for this installation. Toggle on “I have a license file somewhere else.” And press {Next}.

  1. Browse to the “axiom.lic” file on the CD and click {Open}. The licenses in the specified license file will display in the next dialog box. Press {Next}.Although you have already selected the MicroStation family (V7 or V8) for which you want to install Axiom tools, it is common for one computer to have more than one instance of MicroStation installed on it. For example, you might have two versions of MicroStation/J installed ( and You must choose which of the two you want to associate your Axiom tools with.
  2. Highlight the version of MicroStation you want to associate the Axiom tools with and click {Next}.

Since this is a “Typical” installation, all programs for which an Axiom license was found will already be “checked-on” to be installed. Other items that are also automatically “checked-on” for installation are the product User’s Guides, individual product sample files and Axiom’s MicroStation pull-down menu.

  1. To proceed with default selections click {Next}. You’ve now completed the Pre-Setup.

  1. Click {Next} to proceed with the installation.
  2. The {Next} button is grayed-out unless you accept the agreement.

If you accept the license and click {Next}, the installation will begin. You can click {Cancel} at any time to abort the installation.

  1. This is the final dialog box. It shows that the installation is complete. By default the “View Readme.pdf” option is toggled on and will display the Readme.pdf document when you click {Finish}.


That’s it! You have successfully completed the installation of your Axiom tools.