Project Description

How is SpecChecker going to help you?

  • Ensure drawings are correct before they are plotted or submitted.
  • Check symbology (color, weight, style), font and types of elements to ensure they follow a drawing standard.
  • Check the names of cells to ensure that only certain cells are used.
  • Inspect one or multiple design files or cell libraries at one time.

We’re not exaggerating when we say we’ve changed our customers’ lives for the better. Our customers no longer have the mind-numbing frustration that used to happen nearly every time they had tried to import Excel or Word data into their AutoCAD and MicroStation files. They no longer spend time futzing with poor formatting, text that can’t be easily manipulated, pastes that won’t fit, links that don’t work reliably and missing data.

SpecChecker and You

The purpose of SpecChecker is to automatically discover,report and optionally correct elements in your design files which do not comply with your CAD standards. You tell SpecChecker what your CAD standards are and SpecChecker reports and corrects all the elements which do not comply.

SpecChecker has advanced features which allow managers and quality control personnel to easily check multiple design files, even in cases where each file requires different standards. In addition, creating the rules which define your standards has been made extremely simple with the addition of a new function which can evaluate any design file and automatically create rules based on the elements the file contains.