Project Description

  • Easily and quickly import Excel spreadsheets and Word documents of almost any size, in a single paste.
  • Create stable, reliable links from data pasted in CAD files to Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.
  • Fit tall Excel or Word pastes inside short spaces with our unique “column flow” feature which creates columns on the fly — with repeating column headers.
  • Paste data with superior formatting. For example, bolding, italicizing and underlining are handled gracefully.

Our Customers Agree!

We’re not exaggerating when we say we’ve changed our customers’ lives for the better. Our customers no longer have the mind-numbing frustration that used to happen nearly every time they had tried to import Excel or Word data into their AutoCAD and MicroStation files. They no longer spend time futzing with poor formatting, text that can’t be easily manipulated, pastes that won’t fit, links that don’t work reliably and missing data.

Microsoft Office Importer and You

Trying to import huge spreadsheets into MicroStation, AutoCAD or Civil3D? Want to paste a bill of materials, or a schedule, into a design file and keep a link to the original spreadsheet? Pasting a very large spreadsheet into a design file, but want to do it all in one paste?

Microsoft Office Importer enables users to import nearly unlimited quantities of spreadsheet data into MicroStation and AutoCAD files with exceptional formatting and reliability. Microsoft Office Importer eliminates the need for manual entry or manipulation of text when the data is already available in another form. It can import much larger blocks of formatted information with a single paste than is possible with MicroStation or AutoCAD alone.