CAD/BIM Tips & Tricks

Conversions Between DGN and DWG: From Xanadu to Reality, with Translation Manager

Need a DWG to DGN (or vice versa) translation with perfect fonts, element or entity symbology – and in batch? Yes, with Translation Manager by Axiom.

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The History of the Future and What This Has to Do with CAD/BIM Designers

A software assistant to take care of the menial, repetitive tasks in MicroStation, Revit or AutoCAD leaves you free to do what you do best.

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A New Blueprint for the Future of Housing

If repetitive tasks in MicroStation, Revit or AutoCAD chew up your time, we’ve got a tool for that. It’s like having a personal assistant!

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The Carlin Approach: Organized Lightning and the CAD Genius

Make quick changes & automatic updates to attribute texts or tag values on hundreds or thousands of files at a time.

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Axiom’s Title Block Manager Can Now Process Multiple Types of Title Blocks Automatically

If you want automatic updates (and more) to title blocks, you need Title Block Manager by Axiom.

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Title Block Manager and the Patron Saint of Work-Related Stress

If you hate repetitive tasks in title blocks, you’ll love Title Block Manager. Make massive changes literally at the push of a button.

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A Question for CAD Users: Hello, Weekend? Or Goodbye, Weekend?

I love spending my weekends in the office! I love the sound of the keyboard when I am all alone working within the four corners of my workplace! Have you heard anyone say this?

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The Hero’s Journey

George Lucas loved Joseph Campbell, and even if you have never heard of him, you will be very familiar with his subject of interest: the hero’s journey.

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Baby Yoda or Grogru

How the CAD/BIM Industry Stands To Benefit From a Marriage of Gaming and Cinematic Technologies

How cool would it be if your completed CAD design — whether a residence, a skyscraper, a bridge, an industrial complex or a commercial/residential waterfront development — could be seamlessly integrated into an image of the physical location?

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