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Night time traffic headlights, skyscrapers in background

Automatically Check Only Recent Changes When Verifying CAD Standards

One source of upset between clients and contractors is the apparent failure of the contractor to follow an established CAD standard. Many times this occurs because some of the base files provided by the client were created using an old or non-existent CAD standard.

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CAD/BIM productivity tools for structural engineers

Engineering Firm Saves Thousands of Dollars with Smart Software

We’ve been using Revit since 2007 and we have been struggling with importing documents into Revit for years now. But now that we have Microsoft Office Importer™ for Revit, wow, it’s amazing. It’s been working great — it saves us tons of time — there is nothing like this in Revit.

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Artist's impression of ancient city of Bablyon

How Those Bad*ss Babylonians Did Design, B.C. (“Before CAD”)

On a hot, humid day almost 4,000 years ago, two Babylonian men stood in a field somewhere in Mesopotamia, shielding their eyes from the sun, as they thrashed out the details of their land deal.

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CAD/BIM Cell Manager tool

Control All of Your Cell Libraries Simultaneously

One of the most significant enhancements in this release is CellManager’s new ability to open and manipulate all of your cell libraries simultaneously.

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CAD/BIM user desperately needs help

Can small MicroStation sites save time with add-on software?

In any company — but especially in small companies — every production minute contributes to the overall viability of the company. Every dollar spent must produce significant results in order to justify the expense.

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CAD hole-in-one, golf ball on edge of hole

CAD for the Hole in One

Is golf one of those sports you think of as high tech? Do you imagine CAD specialists gathered behind the caddy and the golf professional, lending their engineering insight to the power and accuracy of the swing? No? Then you may not be tracking with how far the modern game has come.

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Wad of dollars, saving money

Profits Soar with Correct Software for AEC Industry Project

A great productivity tool in the hands of great CAD users can produce truly astonishing results. Time is money, which means that timesaving on any project is always desirable, and we all understand that the bottom line is, well, the bottom line.

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What is GIS and What Does It Have to Do with You, the CAD User?

Does it matter to you if the building you designed is going to be built on a slope? How do you know if your design will be built in the most optimal space? What about the bridge you’re going to build?

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Rendering of buildings on Mars

Calling All Engineers: Final Casting Call

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be part of the Mars mission, here’s your chance to find out — without leaving Earth.

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