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CAD hole-in-one, golf ball on edge of hole

CAD for the Hole in One

Is golf one of those sports you think of as high tech? Do you imagine CAD specialists gathered behind the caddy and the golf professional, lending their engineering insight to the power and accuracy of the swing? No? Then you may not be tracking with how far the modern game has come.

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Wad of dollars, saving money

Profits Soar with Correct Software for AEC Industry Project

A great productivity tool in the hands of great CAD users can produce truly astonishing results. Time is money, which means that timesaving on any project is always desirable, and we all understand that the bottom line is, well, the bottom line.

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What is GIS and What Does It Have to Do with You, the CAD User?

Does it matter to you if the building you designed is going to be built on a slope? How do you know if your design will be built in the most optimal space? What about the bridge you’re going to build?

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Rendering of buildings on Mars

Calling All Engineers: Final Casting Call

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be part of the Mars mission, here’s your chance to find out — without leaving Earth.

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CAD Engineer flying self-built airplane.

Extraordinary DIY: When Engineers Think Big

We could easily have titled this article, “Engineer Puts Copywriter to Shame,” but the engineer in question so impressed the copywriter that there are no hard feelings at all.

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3D Molecular structure of graphene

Graphene: The New Face of Carbon and Its Potential in the AEC Industry

Who in the AEC industry would say no to a form of concrete that was lighter, stronger and more environmentally friendly?

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CAD 3D printing with waste plastic

New Tricks for Old Plastic: Building Materials for the New Millennium

From 3D printing to building materials, plastic is sticking its nose in everywhere. Here’s a look at some of the smart ways the AEC industry.

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New Technology Uses Cracked Concrete and Fungus to Preserve the Integrity of Buildings

New Technology Uses Cracked Concrete and Fungus to Preserve the Integrity of Buildings.

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Save time with CAD/BIM, hammock between two palm trees on beach

New Release Makes Life Easier for Revit Users

Nothing can keep a good team down when they’re hell-bent on releasing a hot-diggity new software version that eases the workload for Revit professionals everywhere.

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