CAD/BIM Tips & Tricks

A Question for CAD Users: Hello, Weekend? Or Goodbye, Weekend?

I love spending my weekends in the office! I love the sound of the keyboard when I am all alone working within the four corners of my workplace! Have you heard anyone say this?

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The Hero’s Journey

George Lucas loved Joseph Campbell, and even if you have never heard of him, you will be very familiar with his subject of interest: the hero’s journey.

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Baby Yoda or Grogru

How the CAD/BIM Industry Stands To Benefit From a Marriage of Gaming and Cinematic Technologies

How cool would it be if your completed CAD design — whether a residence, a skyscraper, a bridge, an industrial complex or a commercial/residential waterfront development — could be seamlessly integrated into an image of the physical location?

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3D rendering of CAD/BIM skyscraper

Do You Find That Your 3D DWG Files Open as 2D Files in MicroStation?

Have you ever run into a case where you open your 3D DWG files in MicroStation and they appear to be 2D files? Well, you’re not alone!

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Human nose breathing clean air; blue sky with puffy clouds.

Can 3D Printing Improve the Air We Breathe?

The impressive innovation in the area of 3D-printed materials and objects expands daily, as can be seen here and here. Recently, a number of artificial coral reefs have been 3D-printed, with the goal of reestablishing the abundant biodiversity that exists around coral reefs.

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Quality assurance checks with SpecChecker for MicroStation

CAD Standards Compliance Headaches?

One of the biggest headaches in getting CAD standards compliance is finding a fast and pain-free way to verify CAD standards are being followed.

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Night time traffic headlights, skyscrapers in background

Automatically Check Only Recent Changes When Verifying CAD Standards

One source of upset between clients and contractors is the apparent failure of the contractor to follow an established CAD standard. Many times this occurs because some of the base files provided by the client were created using an old or non-existent CAD standard.

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CAD/BIM productivity tools for structural engineers

Engineering Firm Saves Thousands of Dollars with Smart Software

We’ve been using Revit since 2007 and we have been struggling with importing documents into Revit for years now. But now that we have Microsoft Office Importer™ for Revit, wow, it’s amazing. It’s been working great — it saves us tons of time — there is nothing like this in Revit.

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Artist's impression of ancient city of Bablyon

How Those Bad*ss Babylonians Did Design, B.C. (“Before CAD”)

On a hot, humid day almost 4,000 years ago, two Babylonian men stood in a field somewhere in Mesopotamia, shielding their eyes from the sun, as they thrashed out the details of their land deal.

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