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Where Did those Reference Files Go?

Avoid having to re-plot sheets due to missing reference files. By Eiren Smith Reference attachments can go missing when you least expect it. If reference attachments go missing prior to plotting a set of completed drawings, that’s especially bad timing, particularly if you don’t know that they went missing. Hopefully, you catch the missing references…

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Now AutoCAD and MicroStation Users Can Easily Find Details, Cells, Blocks and More Across Multiple Files

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom, the world’s largest independent provider of general-purpose MicroStation utilities and a leading provider of e-learning for MicroStation and Autodesk users, announces the release of Detail Finder, an application that allows someone to quickly find details, cells, blocks and more in any number of MicroStation and AutoCAD files. Detail Finder quickly…

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Quickly and easily replace cells in all of your design files — in batch.

By Rick Sewell, Axiom Director of Customer Services Rick Sewell, Axiom Director of Customer Services, has been helping CAD users with their MicroStation problems for over a decade. Rejected! You know the feeling. It’s the one that washes away any sense of satisfaction you might have had when you completed and submitted that last project.…

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