CAD/BIM Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Office Importer Adds ProjectWise Support

Easily import large spreadsheets and word processing data into their design files with perfect formatting.

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MicroStation Users Can Now Control Tag Data When Replacing Cells

With Global File Changer’s new feature, the user controls what happens with the tags and the tag values they contain.

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MicroStation screenshot of CellManager

How to Globally Change Text Styles in any Number of DGN Files

Easy way to modify text styles in any number of MicroStation files in batch.

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Create your own MicroStation pull-down menu

Creating your own pull-down menu allows you to put all of those key items in one place for convenient access.

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Your Mouse and View Controls

In this tip, you will learn how to change the view control settings associated with your mouse’s wheel.

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Introduction to models for the new V8 user

A design model is similar to the “DWG model space” and a sheet model is similar to the “DWG paper space”.

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How to quickly find any text string (or just about anything else) in all the design files at your entire site

Determine which of your massive set of DGN project files contained a specific text string or a particular cell or model or level.

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Maximize your batch processing power by executing your own MicroStation macros with Global File Changer.

Have a macro recorded that will perform that repetitive action without your having to go through all the key-strokes and mouse-clicks each time.

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Don’t Make a New Reference File Clipping Boundary

Include that little section of the reference that is just outside the boundary.

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